Ever Consider A Rockin’ Destination Theme Wedding?

Are you planning on doing a Destination Wedding? Are you both a big fan of Rock & Roll? If you are, then it’s time for you to Rock and Roll all night and party every day!
Yeah, you can definitely do the norm and have your wedding ceremony at tropical island locale, or possibly a castle in Scotland, or a cruise wedding. These ceremonies are ways that many couples can tie the knot, and have done so for years! But there is only one option that truly caught our attention that I’m sure may excite you!
If you’re a fan of the classic rock band Kiss, then you may have already heard of this, but if not, you can have a Kiss themed wedding ceremony at the “Hotter Than Hell” wedding chapel!

“OH YEAH”, as Gene Simmons would say. They’ve really gone there! Located in Las Vegas, this uniquely themed wedding chapel is located right across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and situated inside of the Kiss Monster Mini Golf Venue.
Rocking couples can opt to have a minister dressed like one of the members of Kiss as you say your “I Do’s” on a stage that is replicated after the album cover of their famous song “Love Gun”. Wedding invitations are concert tickets, guitar picks are used rather than rose petals… each detail has been thought of to give you the rock wedding of your dreams!
The chapel seats up to 35 guests so you can have your closest friends and family watch your rock spectacle! Photography packages are available, and of course there’s wedding cakes and flowers you get to choose from as well to round out your big day.
Seeing as Kiss is one of your favorite bands, let me try and picture your special day. The groom would probably be dressed as the Demon complete with the boots (yes, you can rent them!) and I would want to make sure your minister was “Pastor ChippenPaul Stanley”! Oh, and you would definitely want to have a live web cast so that your family and friends that could not make your wedding could watch your event online.
There are so many fun details you can add to your theme wedding, and don’t worry about overlooking any of them, because you’ll have your “Tour Manager” there to help you on your wedding day!
After your wedding ceremony, consider having your honeymoon right in Las Vegas where there are so many hotel options, top notch restaurants, and also a variety of fun things to do. The obvious accommodation choice would be the Hard Rock Hotel that is located conveniently across the street from where your unique ceremony will take place. After your ceremony it would be a hop, skip, and jump back to your hotel to get ready to continue your celebration of becoming one.
As a Destination Wedding and Group Vacation Specialist, Bill has helped plan and arrange a number of wedding ceremonies over the years for couples to several exciting destinations such as Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America as well.
For more information and details on how you can plan your next destination ceremony, Bill encourages you to visit their website’s Destination Wedding Services page, where you can easily view all the exciting ceremony options available.
You can also follow them on their DW Facebook page where we list the latest news, tips, and exclusive specials to our followers.
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