Meanings and Usage of the Popular Wedding Flowers

If you are all set to walk down the aisle, you should give special attention to select the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet and arrangement. Before you decide your wedding flowers, have a look on the meaning of certain popular wedding blooms to be sure your bouquet symbolizes true love, loyalty and passion.
Alstroemeria is named after the famous Swedish botanist Klas von Alstroemer. Alstroemeria also known as Parrot Lily or Parrot Lily is associated with fortune, wealth and prosperity. Alstroemeria has no fragrance and come in different exciting colours like orange, apricot, white, lavender, pink, mauve, bi-colours etc. Beautiful white Alstromeria which symbolizes friendship also, would make a dazzling backdrop for any wedding bouquet or flower arrangement.
Calla Lilies
If you want a sophisticated wedding, Calla lilies would be a perfect choice for you as it adds grace and elegance to your marriage. Derived from Greek word meaning beauty, it’s a popular choice for weddings as well as other romantic occasions. In some community this flower is believed to be a symbol of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, making it associated with fait and purity. As Calla lilies usually blossom in spring, they symbolize youth. Besides white, they come in a wide range of colours such as purple, pink, orange, yellow, black etc. While pink is associated with admiration, purple symbolizes passion.
Roses are one of the most popular and commonly used flowers for table centrepieces, corsages, wedding bouquets etc. Roses are the most preferred choice of flowers for brides and grooms. If a bride chooses red roses for her wedding bouquet, that means she is sending a message of extreme passion and love to her husband. A white rose is associated with innocence and beauty, a characteristic that every bride wants to represent. Using pink roses for a marriage, the couple expresses gratitude for each other.

If you are having a spring wedding, tulips which come in wide variety of hues such as purple, maroon, white, cream, yellow etc are the best choice. There is no better way to convey your love and care for your wife than by giving a bouquet of tulips as it signifies undying love and passion. This fragile flower is symbol of declaration of eternal love.
Chrysanthemum signifies happiness, abundance and fidelity which are inevitable for every marriage. These beautiful flowers have no fragrance and can be combined easily with other flowers to make perfect wedding bridal bouquets. While a white chrysanthemum signifies truth and loyalty, red chrysanthemum conveys love.
Stephanotis is traditional and popular bridal flower, it signifies happiness in marriage. Derived from a Greek word, Stephanotis makes a great choice for wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.
Usage of Different Flowers in Wedding
With a brief knowledge about popular wedding flowers, lets discuss how to use them to make a perfect wedding gala for you.
• For a fairytale type wedding, stick to conventional roses and use lots of them. Use pink, white, red roses in plenty for a perfect wedding venue decoration.
• While calla lilies are perfect for sophisticated wedding events, daisies are good for casual affairs. You can combine daisies with baby’s breath and tie them with colourful ribbons to uplift the mood of your wedding venue.
• Nothing can be best than tulip for as garden wedding. Combine soft pastel coloured tulips with white linen feathery greenery for a romantic wedding event.
But before selecting flowers, decide what type of wedding event you want to have, a sophisticated or casual one. As the flowers have different meaning and play important role to set the perfect mood for your wedding, you must seek help from an experienced and efficient florist. The flower delivery services and florists ensure high end service, quality work keeping in mind your budget.
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