Planning a Destination Wedding? The Best Things in Life Could Be Free!

Destination weddings are here to stay and are not classified as a trend anymore as couples from all over North America and the world are experiencing the convenience and value of a wedding at destination!
It’s no secret why! Picture you and your partner standing side by side while exchanging your vows on a gorgeous white sandy beach, with soothing waves rolling onto the shore, and you’re surrounded by all your closest family members and friends. This is the backdrop that many brides and grooms wish for on their once in a lifetime event.
Destination weddings are simple and do not include all the stress of a massive at-home production where hundreds of family members, friends arrive for one BIG day, and this even includes those guests that you may not even know.
Just think, you can have your wedding at a fraction of the cost of what a big hometown ceremony and reception would be. But it gets even better! You could easily qualify for a free wedding! I know – the word “free” is over used to the point where you right away may become skeptical and wonder what the catch may be.

Many Resorts Offer Complimentary Weddings to Qualified Couples!
There are many popular resort chains in the world offering free weddings, and they are very well known for their services, amenities and beautiful locations available for ceremonies and receptions. Such as the Caribbean destinations include Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, St. Lucia, Antigua, and Turks & Caicos to name only a few.
It’s actually very easy to achieve your complimentary wedding, For example, if you book a minimum stay of 6 or 7 nights in a specific room category, that’s the first step required towards qualifying for the wedding package. The other qualification requirements are for a certain amount of rooms booked, which will not be a problem if you are travelling with friends and family who will be attending the wedding. If you meet both of these qualifications for the free wedding, then the next step is to plan for your big day!
If you consider a wedding at a Sandals or Beaches resort property in the Caribbean, their minimum requirements are more flexible and achievable if you plan on only the two of you going to destination be married, or are inviting a limited amount of guests to attend. Either way, the options are available to you.
The Free Wedding Package Offers Basic Services and Amenities
The free resort wedding packages will include the basic services and amenities for your ceremony, however, if you wish to upgrade any services, the choice is yours. Many couples we have assisted in the past normally opt for the complimentary package, and then do a few extra upgrades for specific aspects of their ceremony, such as the reception (since free weddings are limited to a certain amount of people celebrating with you), as well as extra decor (flowers, table centerpieces, settings, etc).
The best thing about weddings at destination is that you call the shots, and you can change any type of wedding package to cater more towards your tastes and desires.
To find out more on how you can qualify for a complimentary ceremony just do a quick search online by typing in “Free” or “Complimentary” resort weddings and you will find a list of top resort available. Check their requirements and see if you will qualify for their complimentary resort ceremony package.
Not only has Bill and his wife Maria been assisting couples plan their dream ceremonies at many exotic locations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe, but they also planned their very own destination wedding ceremony that took place in Varadero, Cuba back in 2004.
For more information and details on how you can plan your next destination ceremony, Bill encourages you to visit their website’s Destination Wedding Services page, where you can easily view all the exciting options available.
You can also follow them on their DW Facebook page where we list the latest news, tips, and exclusive specials to our followers.

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