Pre Wedding Rituals in a Kannadiga Wedding

Indian Weddings are known to be special and filled with fun and frolic. India being a diverse country has various kinds of wedding rituals that makes them different from one another. These small pre wedding and wedding intricacies are actually what makes the day so memorable. Also, it is wise not to forget that every single wedding ritual is deeply rooted in culture and has a meaning hidden within it that makes it even more special and loved by all.
Just like various other parts of India, Kannada matrimony is based on the principles and belief of a Hindu marriage. It has smaller nuances that gives it a unique stature and make it a fun-filled event. Nonetheless, just like other weddings in India the main purpose of a Kannada wedding is to join to people in holy matrimony and get both the families closer and ensuring that everyone has a lot of fun and derives happiness from the rituals.

Pre Wedding Rituals
There are various pre wedding rituals that are held on days that lead up to the main wedding day. These customs are based on the Nandi custom. The customs are held at both the bride and the groom’s house.
One of the belief or interpretation about the customs is that these pre wedding rituals ensure that good luck is bestowed on the couple and the marriage takes place without any interruption or hindrance.
Kashiyatra Tradition: It is one of the most fascinating of the pre wedding ritual. It is an interesting tradition deeply rooted in culture where, the groom pretends that he will leave his family and head towards Kashi in absence of a suitable bride for him. Every single person of the family tries to make him change his mind. Starting from his parents to friends, they try to lure him with other worldly goods and stop his voyage to Kashi to become a Brahmachari. The only person who can make him stay back is his maternal uncle who shows him the bride chosen for him. Every Kannadiga wedding has this ritual and many are known to have small variations in it to make it more elaborate and interesting.
DevKarya ceremony: Another interesting tradition is held at the time when the groom readies to leave for the bride’s village. All the gifts and marriage items are placed in front of lord Ganesha and his blessings are asked for. This pre wedding ritual is called the DevKarya ceremony. After this ceremony both the bride and grooms are smeared with turmeric paste as a sign of good luck. Many also believe that application of turmeric paste increases their immunity and makes them withstand any kind of illness what so ever.
All wedding rituals are interesting and fun and have an inner meaning that makes it extremely interesting and fascinating. Kannadiga weddings are somber and simple but are steeped in meaning and culture. Their pre wedding ceremonies are only a few but they bring out the true traditions of a South Indian wedding.
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