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  • Grit + Glam Pink Shoreditch Elopement August 13, 2018
    This shoot had the loose theme of pink and iridescence and the strict theme of an elopement, being badass, and above all, bloody good fun. Both Charlotte from Redamancy and I (The Wedding Enthusiast, hollerrrrr) love East London and the amazing feel it has, and so we wanted something to reflect that. Whitewashed creams and […]
    Ellie Kime
  • velvet johnstone Lookbook Inspired by the New Moon in Aquarius August 1, 2018
    Today’s shoot is PURE magic, you know – and when velvet johnstone is involved, never believe it’s not so. This lookbook features everything we’ve come to expect and love from velvet johnstone: divine design, heavenly fabrics, a cosmic, modern take on romantic that doesn’t define you, but lets you define it (but not defy it.) […]
    Ellie Kime
  • Modern Wedding Inspiration Shoot in Glasgow Brewery With a Frill Installation, Candy Floss and Neon July 30, 2018
    It’s a nice day for a…very contemporary, colourful, cool AF, white wedding (inspiration shoot). Now that I’ve finished butchering Billy’s absolute classic, I can make it up to you by introducing you to this incredibleness. Whatever plans you previously had for your big day, I feel some of them will be getting replaced when you’re […]
    Erin Balfour
  • Cute Greenery and Doughnuts Shoot With a Scandi Luxe Twist July 20, 2018
    Would you just look at the styling prowess of this wedding inspiration shoot? Greenery – check. Doughnuts – check. Insta-hot stationery – check. Modern bridal designed to make you feel like a QUEEN – check, check, and all day check. All the suppliers involved here totally brought their A-game. You had us at hello. It […]
    Erin Balfour
  • Chilled Hackney Wedding With ‘Piss-Up in a Brewery’ Reception July 2, 2018
    London, it has to be said, is my favourite place on Earth. I lived there for 12 amazing, amazing, AMAZING years, and I miss it every single day, no lie. So when I see a wedding that’s not only trés cool and modern and shot exquisitely by one of our directory babes, Joanna Bongard, but […]
    Erin Balfour
  • The All New Way Out Wedding June 15, 2018
    Oh hey, Way Out Wedding lovers! Long time no speak – and for very good reason. You may have noticed a few bits have changed around here, and we’re so excited for you to turn and face the strange with us (sing with me – CH CH CHAAAAANGEEEEEES). Way Out Wedding has always been, and […]
    Ellie Kime
  • Ritual Unions Lookbook – Oxytocin Overdose May 1, 2018
    If you’re a person with at least one working eye and a finger on the pulse, you’ll have heard of Ritual Unions. The Berlin-based bridal brand have been ALL OVER our radar for months, but this month was their crowning glory so far, with a stand at Most Curious‘ London show that earned them the […]
    Ellie Kime
  • Pretty in Punk February 19, 2018
    Patti Smith once said that punk was about freedom: “the freedom to create, freedom to be successful, freedom to not be successful, freedom to be who you are.” If you’ve followed this blog for a while (and if you have, thank you so much), you know that our beating heart will forever belong to punk. […]
    Ellie Kime
  • Love -Themed Disco Wedding On Brighton Beachfront February 16, 2018
    You know in film trailers, when they outline everything that you should expect from the film in a deep, throaty, gravelly voice studded with dramatic pauses? “This summer – pause – a brand new blockbuster – pause –  bringing us – modern romance, humour and EXPLOSIVE ATTITUDE – coming soon”. Well, that’s how I feel […]
    Ellie Kime
  • The Styling of Most Curious Wedding Fair 2018 February 6, 2018
    Here’s a PSA before we dive into the styling goodness of this post: there will be a lot of imperatives in this post. Biggest. Best. Coolest. Most. Most incredible, most inspirational, most design-led, most cutting-edge. Most Curious, take it away. It’s that time of year again (AGH, already?!) for the coolest wedding show around – […]
    Sue Denim